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I approach design holistically and with an open-mind, as I enjoy meeting and collaborating with new and interesting people. As I believe in working in a multi-disciplinary environment to seek out innovation and creativity.

About me

10703765_10205142411107015_8614280925010183713_nI am  a passionate 1st year Product Design student. I have many   interests around Product Design that  allows me to collaborate well with people. I took a range of A-Levels and ever since have enjoyed using  those skills to improve as a designer and as an individual thinker. Ethics was a subject I took at A-levels and  found difficult at first, but through perseverance grew to even love the subject and am still developing my  knowledge of ethics in hope that it is making me a designer who is well rounded and sensitive to current issues.

Moreover, I have always enjoyed music, it allows me to think creatively and focus. For me it is a common language that can be understood by all cultures just in varying ways. This is common in Product Design, whereby all products have a purpose and interaction with their intended user, just in different ways due to culture/ sub-culture. This is why I am already considering my options to learn and travel next year, I want to immerse myself in other cultures so that I can use the HCD process more effectively.

 I have always been inspired by Architecture, even before Product Design and that isn’t something to shy away from as it gives me a unique perspective on 3D design. I am more aware of materials and am more interested in the process right from the raw material stage to the end of a products life. 21st Century designers should be aware of these elements in design, due to the high demand in making products sustainable. A topic I am very enthusiastic about due to my interest in Ethics as well as my aspiration to become a Sustainable Product Designer. Apple changed the way society interacts with one-another and how society lives. I want to change the way society views sustainability and instead embed it into peoples everyday lives, make sustainable living a natural way of life rather than something we struggle to try and do.


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